Timmy Chau –
designer, illustrator, & aspiring artist
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Art & Illustrations

Perpetually Lost

A personal art series inspired by the human condition of


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Wardens Lane

Mural concept

turned art series

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DoorDash Stories

A collection of

Editorial Illustrations

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Character Illustrations

for tracking application

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A new take on the

age-old toy

One of the first products I was fortunate enough to have worked on when starting at New Deal Design was Play Impossible.

With their team, we designed and developed the hardware, brand, games, and paired mobile+television apps. I was responsible for helping with the product experience, game design, mobile and AppleTV app design, and lots of play-testing. :)

The product was featured at the Target Open House store in SF and was shelved at Apple stores around the world.

play impossible main project image

A smarter light


I had the chance to work alongside real estate developers to design an intelligent home system, Adomi, that helps you manage your smart technology. As a service that was exclusively setup as part of new construction, we replaced conventional light switches with interactive control units that could operate multiple IOT devices throughout the home. The product debuted at a newly constructed apartment complex on Ocean Ave in San Francisco at Crimson SF and I had the chance to tour a show unit to check out the system.

My role included creating the product experience, designing the app, prototyping, animating and working alongside their development team to launch.

adomi main project image

A network from your

contacts’ contacts

mia uses AI that creates a network based on your phone's contact list. I worked with their team to build a product concept that takes the AI technology and apply it to consumer audiences. Loosely based on the concept of "six degrees of separation," the mobile product would help you find the best person for your needs – plumber, babysitter, recruiter, etc – based on your phone's contacts, their contacts, and their contacts' contacts; because your network is who you trust the most.

I was responsible for exploring the application of the AI, designing the experience, prototyping, and building motion studies and videos for developing their brand.

mia main project image

SF brand with international reach

e-commerce redesign

I had the chance to work with born and bred San Francisco-based bag manufacturer, Timbuk2 to redesign and relaunch their new e-commerce site.

timbuk2 main project image